How to Prepare Your Driveway for Asphalt Paving-5 Simple Steps

Do you plan to install asphalt vaping on your driveway? Many other property owners prefer asphalt due to its numerous benefits. It’s durable, safe and cost-effective and can last for decades if properly installed. This isn’t without challenges, though! You have to undertake various tasks before installation, and the most important one involves hiring a reputed company. There are also many other preparations to make to ensure a successful project. Let’s check them out;

1. Deal with wet spots 

Any experienced Asphalt Paving Company will tell you that wet areas on the installation surface can lead to poor results. So, ensure there are no wet spots. You can achieve this by building under drains, ditching along the margins to drain surface water, or replacing the moist dirt with stones. You can use stones, crushed gravel, gravel as sub-base materials. You can also use drainage piping to allow easy drainage beneath the driveway section.

2. Prepare the actual sub-base.

Most driveways feature a four-inch gravel base of gravel which is smashed by car tires into bits over time. This makes it unsuitable as a sub-foundation material. To maintain a smooth surface, add some stones or shale to make it thicker and more robust. The space will depend on the desired height on the adjacent lawns. 

What dimensions are most suitable? A typical residential driveway is ten feet wide, with around eight feet of driving surface space. To get a ten-foot drive, you’ll need an eleven-foot area for paving. On both sides, you have at least six inches of sub-base beyond the actual finished paved width. The extra space will help support the asphalt and prevent crumbling at the edges.

3. Lay stabilization fabric materials

Your driveway must have a solid base to ensure successful asphalt paving. If the base is wet or very soft, this can lead to cracking or your pavement breaking in big chunks. And I believe you don’t want this! 

The next step then involves laying stabilization fabric materials to allow proper and successful installation. The materials will help solidify the sub-base allowing for installation in places that couldn’t be possible. Acquire the material from a masonry store and have someone help you roll the fabric.

 4. Search for a paving company 

 This is presumably the most critical step. This is because your choice of asphalt installer determines the quality of work, and you should go for a professional company. Search online to get recommendations from friends and loved ones.

 You’ll come across many companies and should pick one with adequate experience installing asphalt paving. Ensure that the team has the necessary equipment for a successful installation. Approach different companies, get quotes, and settle for a deal that suits your budget.

In summary, there are various ways to prepare for asphalt driveway installation. Whether you want this installed on a residential or commercial property, follow the mentioned steps to ensure a successful project. Also, budget appropriately and factor in all the expected expenses. This way, your project won’t stall in the middle due to a shortage of finances.