What are the top 10 facts that your dentists which you want you to know?

Dentists can help you maintain a beautiful smile. But that is only one advantage of climbing into the chair. These professionals are concerned with your overall oral health, including the correction of jaw problems and the detection of oral cancer.

Here are top 10 facts your dentists want you to know about your teeth that can help in maintaining dental health.

  • Your teeth are not only to chew the food but also to give you a best look so you should take care of them by brushing teeth twice a day. Cause the over night food that is being digested are making lot of acids which imprinted on the teeth.
  • Those who have soda often has sixty two percent chances of getting their teethes decays overtime as the soda has carbide which reacts every time with enamel and creates a new product which lost the cohesion from each other and toots’ decays.
  • Flossing is very important as the surface of the teeth important the internal portion of teethes also contain the germ and not Flossing it   increases the germs for forty percent.
  • Warm and Luke warm water or liquid product is bearable but as the temperature increases is not good for the sensitivity as the nervous systems doesn’t work properly and the cells in the muscle dies and that not a great job.
  • If you write with right hand, you will mostly end up chewing from right side and for the left handers, they chew from the left however you can chew from other side you may feel discomfort.
  • Most of the person does not floss rather they will go to a market to buy something.
  • As you drink and smoke things you teethe will start becoming yellowish tint which is not great.
  • We mostly avoid or forget picking out the stuck product inside tooth which can have very bad effects and in the future it will reach and decay your tooth.

The most of your food is digested while chewing any food then will be a lot enzyme coming so we should chew more than we do. Apples and other fruits which have some good acids are good for your teeth. As they consist of some acid which will not decay the teeth rather it will clean up and also strengthen the muscle.