Project Manager And Business Leader

Starting a new business requires lots of preparation and effort that some people can’t even expect. This is the reason why not everyone can succeed in their business. The major factor that might flip the business plan is the inability to adapt to expected changes. Several overwhelming situations arise at turning points that intimidate the new entrepreneurs into taking their steps back. But with unbreakable strategy and market research, you can make your business reach its peak of success.

Team leading refers to the process of motivating and influencing a group of individuals for the desired outcome. The most efficient way to boost performance is effective leadership. Effective leaders like Fahim Moledina and Richard Branson empower every team member to use their maximum potential resulting in a significant enhancement in their performance. Leadership inspires everyone to achieve goals in a good time. Leaders are good listeners as well as speakers. One of the major reasons why leaders like Fahim Ekbal Moledina are required in any organization is guidance. The business world might be overwhelmingly confusing that can cause distraction at various phases.

What is the difference between the project manager and business leader?

The functions of manager and leader vary in an organization. Unlike managers, leaders are focused on pursuing goals. An empathetic leader makes a better long-lasting relationship with subordinates rather than only supervising them. On the other hand, managers tend to limit their relationships and show less empathy. Effective leadership fills the work environment with positive vibes. Studies showed that 15% of candidates take down their job offer because of a negative working environment. Apart from getting deserving and reasonable pay, around 54% of candidates consider a positive work culture is highly required to work. 

We call a person a “leader” if he can drive the performance within the team. The context of referring to someone as a leader is quite intriguing. The major difference between a leader and a manager is that managers supervise the team ensuring the organization while the leaders act as an artist pulling out the creative approach from every member. Varied leadership skills make up the personality of a person suitable for the role of guiding and leading.


Only those people can become good project managers with a comprehensive and flexible toolkit of techniques to resolve complex and troubling problems. Project managers effectively cultivate the skills of people in the team after developing trust and interaction among them. They are well-organized and goal-oriented individuals who better anticipate the need of the situation and figure out what strategies would help achieve the target.

Leadership is important to develop other individuals in the organization. Leadership refers to the process in which a person influences and encourages other individuals by making the team more cohesive and coherent. It is the vital management function that can either make the organization reach the peak of success or just thrive in the market. Leadership is a challenging role and you need the perseverance to perform your role better.